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New Tackle Storage Box from ECE Marine.

ECE Marine has just created a new tackle box for most Tracker and fresh water boats.  This product is made from marine industry standards material that is durable,  weatherable, and light.

The 10 Tray system is 24″ by 17″ by 5″ deep.  It holds standard 3700 plano tackle trays.

The 12 Tray system is 29″ by 16″ by 5″ deep.  It holds standard 3700 plano tackle trays.


You will be able to purchase these on the ECE site at

Cleaning your windshield made easy with Novus.

When cleaning an acrylic windshield like the one that go on fishing boats, Novus No 2 is the best you can use.  We use it here at the shop to clean the windshields we ship out.  Windex and alot of other cleaning materials will ruin your windshield.  Windex causes something like a disease in the material called Crazing.  The windshield developes little cracks underneath the surface and the process can’t be reversed.  At worst, just use water to clean your acrylic windshield and at best use Novus No 2.novis1 novis2

Direct OEM parts from

That’s right.  All products sold on ECEmarine are direct OEM products.  They are made from the same molds and materials as the parts on the original boats.  So each windshield or replacement product is and exact replica of what you used to have.  Surf around and see if your part is here and enjoy!.